Friday, February 24, 2017

History Part Two

When we were young we both wanted the American Dream. We wanted the big house, the stable job, the perfect family, the big TV. This isn't surprising considering the emphasis on "bigger is better," and when you've grown up dirt poor, those messages are what you see as truth.

So we worked for it. He busted his ass in the business world and was eventually able to start his own company. She busted her ass in the education department and spent many long hours trying to make a name for herself in her professional community.

We didn't wake up one day and realize we were unhappy either. It took years. Years of working hard, fixing what we could, failing and succeeding, self improvement, etc. Years of working through problems and wishing things were simpler.

Then one day in early 2016 she happily sat next to him in his couch corner and said she had a brilliant idea. He looked at her skeptically (as usual) and she explained that she figured out their life plan and goal.

"To travel and serve. To do what most won't. To give up the material focus and focus on what truly matters: people."

Surprisingly, he was on board.

It took us a year to come up with a name. It took just about as long to start downsizing. We still don't have everything figured out and sometimes we wonder if we've lost our minds. Still, we push forward.

We push forward, we argue, we spend long hours trying to plan, hours looking at ways to live in a way that is honorable to our goal. (She is still trying to convince him that a hot shower is a necessity.) And every day we are getting closer to giving up the dream we worked for for so long.

Yeah, so maybe we did lose our minds...

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

How we make coffee

How you make coffee, what does that have to do with your nomad life? 

It is central to our pursuit of living simply. If you are a coffee drinker, you normally drink a lot of coffee. It is part of your morning ritual. If you don't have your coffee you want nothing to do with the world. It is that first cup of coffee that allows you to feel human and rejuvenated. Factoid: It is a mental thing, the caffeine won't actually affect you for a few hours.
Image result for coffee filter
This is how we make coffee deliberately one 12 oz cup at a time. Coincidentally it is also how we make tea. We have one filter for each. The filters are inexpensive, reusable and last for years.

What do you mean deliberately?

The majority of people consume coffee one of two ways:
  1. Coffee pot
  2. Barista (Starbucks, Seattle's Best, Dunkin Donuts etc..)
The use of a coffee pot is a great convenience. It is also lazy. Is it really that difficult to pour a single cup, stir for 10 seconds and walk away? The "appliance" of a coffee pot is yet another thing that makes our lives not about living with purpose but with living with convenience. The Barista has the same problem except now you are spending 5 bucks for a Coconut Milk Vanilla Latte. If you are going to spend 5 dollars on a single 16oz cup of coffee it better be the best coffee you have ever had, it should be cherished and a rare occasion.

When we opt for convenience for the sake of convenience we forget how easy a task really is, we forget the little joy that can be had by taking a moment to earn something as simple as a cup of coffee. Every single cup I drink, I have to work for that single cup. I also get to take a moment, look out a window and take 30 seconds with my thoughts. I get to be appreciative of all the convenience I do have and the simple joys in life.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

History Part One

Eight years ago we met. She hated him. He was indifferent. We soon became best friends.

Five years ago we fell for each other. He was charming. She was gullible. We had no idea what we were getting into.

Four years ago we really fell in love. She took care of him. He protected her. We lived happily ever after. (This, fellow readers, is when Disney says they're done because the rest isn't pretty and romantic with rose petals and wine and dancing and holding in farts and making sure you don't go all rabid raccoon when brushing your teeth and respecting personal space and not growling when he wants to have sex at 3am and her keeping her socks to herself and him pulling you out of the bathtub after you fell in and can't get out because you're laughing so hard at something you can't remember. ...That last one might just have been me. No, Disney is never that honest.)

One year ago we let go of all the <insert male cow poop word> expectations that relationships are given in order to succeed and chose to have our own kind of relationship that worked best for us. We haven't killed each other yet, so that's promising.

Today we bicker all day long. We drive each other crazy. We steal each other's food. We torment each other on purpose. We have no personal space. We compare insults. We make each other try things that we hate. We push each other beyond what we ever thought we could handle. We love each other more than we ever have.

So basically.... we've been screwed since 2009.