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Camp Stove and a Crockpot

Several months back our stove quit. Shortly thereafter our oven quit too. Of course for most people the next step would be to go spend $500 - $1,000 on a new one.

"Not us," said the man! "We have a camp stove, let's use that. We'll save the $700 we'd spend on an oven and can have a crash course in frugal cooking. This is how we're going to be cooking when we scale down anyway."

"Riiiiight. Let's go with that..." said the woman who does all of the cooking and went from a four burner stove and oven to a two burner stove and a crockpot. (I may have secretly been thinking, "I wonder how long this will last before I lose it and we buy an oven.")

It was an adjustment, to say the least. I wish I could say I didn't complain, because I did. When the item in the household you have "scaled down on" is the one thing you use numerous times a day to provide for your family, there are moments of selfish outrage to be had. This…

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