The Goal

The Goal and The Mission need to be separate pages as The Goal for us is to make it from step one to step two, and so on, in order for us to get to The Mission part. Those steps are going to be some of the hardest steps of our lives.

A lot of people make the mistake of deciding to change their life but don't realize all of the details that go into such a change. Sure, you can go cold turkey on a lot of things, but some just make you retreat into a hole until you give up your life change and go back to the same way of life. That rarely gets you anywhere and can even lead to a less fulfilling life as you'll always be wondering, "What if I had stuck it out?"

We decided that in order to for us to debunk, so to speak, the American Dream, we should not wait until we have sold all of our household items and treasures, sold our house, and started a life on the road for us to start sharing. We are just everyday grocery store people and we want to show you that you can do this too, with enough dedication (even if not to the extent that we hope to take it to).

We want to share with you the trials that we go through in the planning stage, the difference we are trying to make in our community now in small ways, and ideas that we have for The Mission stage. We want to inspire calling.

One of the reasons we are doing this is because we believe that we as a society have become too spoiled. Everything we need is handed to us (please note the word need, not want). We are comfortable.

From anyone who has made anything of themselves, they will tell you to get comfortable being uncomfortable as uncomfortable is where changes are made. We are in the process of becoming uncomfortable in order to see that change, even if all we do is encourage the mantra of "Pay it forward."

One of the ways to become uncomfortable, and what we are starting with, is to be vulnerable. Both of us have baggage. Both of us have stories and bits of advice to give for those who are willing to hear. Both of us have hearts we want to help heal. No one ever received real help from someone who wasn't also broken.

So that's where we have chosen to start: with you. With acceptance. With letting go. With giving up what doesn't truly matter. What does truly matter? Well, we'll get into that in a lot more words in our blogs, but to us what truly matters is you.

We will be adding our step-by-step process once we have it and hope you will join us in our new adventure: Pragmatic Wonder.

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