The Mission

Though we have yet to nail down a mission statement (we have many...), we wanted to post a brief synopsis of what we hope to achieve.

In a nutshell: We are going to sell our house clutter, sell our house, buy a piece of land somewhere in the PNW (or Montana; jury is still out on that one) where we can have mail sent, plop a tiny house/cabin on it, and then travel around North America serving others in any way we can by donating our time, services, and money free of charge. We are also going to be putting together useful blog posts that a lot of people can relate to and find some encouragement or advice within, as we will simply state life how it is: hard, blessed, dramatized.

(Now may be a good time to warn you that we're both introverts).

We will be living with the basics. In other words, all that we really need in this life. What are those things? Food. Shelter. Love. Hot showers. Books. Tea. (...I may have snuck in the last three.)

What we want to ultimately do is not only teach ourselves what we genuinely need to be happy and successful, but also remind others along the way that life isn't about having a house full of nice stuff. It's about living. It's about helping others. It's about making yourself a better person. It's about people.

Our method is a bit more drastic than most people would feel comfortable with, but that is our point. We are going to be extremely uncomfortable. We are going to push ourselves beyond what we think we can handle. But it's going to be worth it.

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