About Us

Welcome to our blog of adventure, growth, love, and trials. We hope you will find something useful within our stories, our blogs, and our process of giving up the American Dream. More details about our goals, the purpose of this blog, and our mission can be found in the other pages.

This page is simply to provide an introduction of us.

He's a loud, blunt, established alpha male. She's a sweet, opinionated, professional people pleaser.

We reside in the beautiful Pacific Northwest because his requirement was mountains and her requirement was ocean.

A lot of people wonder how we have made our completely different circumstances work to fit so well. A lot of people wonder how we haven't killed each other yet. A lot of people wonder how we can give up the American Dream. Our response to all three is the same: It's worth it.

Neither of us is an expert at life or know how to take advantage of every moment like they tell you to. All we know is how to love each other, how to love and serve people, and how to take risks that most people won't.

We hope you will join us in our journey.

- Josh and Amanda -

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