How we make coffee

How you make coffee, what does that have to do with your nomad life? 

It is central to our pursuit of living simply. If you are a coffee drinker, you normally drink a lot of coffee. It is part of your morning ritual. If you don't have your coffee you want nothing to do with the world. It is that first cup of coffee that allows you to feel human and rejuvenated. Factoid: It is a mental thing, the caffeine won't actually affect you for a few hours.
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This is how we make coffee deliberately one 12 oz cup at a time. Coincidentally it is also how we make tea. We have one filter for each. The filters are inexpensive, reusable and last for years.

What do you mean deliberately?

The majority of people consume coffee one of two ways:
  1. Coffee pot
  2. Barista (Starbucks, Seattle's Best, Dunkin Donuts etc..)
The use of a coffee pot is a great convenience. It is also lazy. Is it really that difficult to pour a single cup, stir for 10 seconds and walk away? The "appliance" of a coffee pot is yet another thing that makes our lives not about living with purpose but with living with convenience. The Barista has the same problem except now you are spending 5 bucks for a Coconut Milk Vanilla Latte. If you are going to spend 5 dollars on a single 16oz cup of coffee it better be the best coffee you have ever had, it should be cherished and a rare occasion.

When we opt for convenience for the sake of convenience we forget how easy a task really is, we forget the little joy that can be had by taking a moment to earn something as simple as a cup of coffee. Every single cup I drink, I have to work for that single cup. I also get to take a moment, look out a window and take 30 seconds with my thoughts. I get to be appreciative of all the convenience I do have and the simple joys in life.


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